Issue_1 New BeginningsIssue_2 Artificial

Stashed Magazine

is an independent visual magazine aiming to give the new generation of visual artists, the possibility to show their work in a printed magazine: creating a stash of unique and innovative work directly from the talented youth.

Co-founder and co-designeditor
We are all from DMJX representing the 4 different courses - creative communication, photographic communication, interactive design and graphic design. 
Editorial team
Editor in chief: Emma Egede Skafte
Design editors: Alexander Foersom,
Aske Backer, Astrid Vinbech Munkholt,
Stine Foss, Mathilde Juul
Digital editor: Andrea Schenstrøm
Art directors: Nanna Greiersen, Ida Dueholm
Photo editors: Oliver Vammen Botfeldt,
Alexander Hjorth Jespersen

Issue 1 release party at Box Land CPH.
The theme of the first issue is ‘’New beginnings’’

Issue 2 with the theme ‘’Mis-takes’’ release at Under buen CPH. 

Photos by Oliver Botfeldt and Alexander H. Jespersen