Wonderful Copenhagen (who also runs Visit Copenhagen - the more tourist oriented part of Wonderful Copenhagen) is the official tourist organization and information and knowledge center of the Copenhagen region. It’s a brand that has to communicate and inform business partners but also tourists. Their target group is therefore very large. Their main focus is to make people ‘’experience the city like a local.’’ Authenticity  is an important part of their visions.

Copenhagen has a lot of different things to offer. It’s a city with a lot of different personalities and has all kinds of vibes depending on where you are in the city.
A city for every type.

The many different types of handwriting used in the design is a reference to all the different kinds of people, places and feelings and has a very personal and welcoming approach. It’s easy to adapt on different media and can be tailored so that it emphasizes the content - like using a more formal handwriting when communicating with serious information to partners and business, and a more personal and less formal handwriting when approaching tourists and other visitors.